Get those services which you just watch in porn now with Delhi escorts!

Most of Indian men nowadays are used to of watching porn online. And while they watch porn they always dream of being with a porn star and enjoying those services which they see online in real. But till now this was a distant dream for everyone as no escort agency in Delhi was providing porn star escorts in Delhi. However, things have changed as we at promise to provide you porn star Delhi escorts call girls, who not just look gorgeous but can provide you sex services such as anal sex, cum in mouth, gangbang etc. Although we have started providing such exclusive amenities in Delhi, India but we are still experiencing that people here are reluctant to spend enough money to support us.

Maximum men in Delhi, India want these extra facilities but are not willing to spend extra money for them. So, you all should understand this fact that these special favours don’t come for free anywhere in the world and one has to pay extra money beside the money paid for classic sex to convince the escort girls perform these extra services for you. And believe us, this can be a lifetime experience for you, and you will never regret spending that extra buck for these escort services. To get acquainted with these special amenities keep reading and you will know about each of them very soon.

Although the rates we quote here are comprehensive and include all the normal sex services but there are some extra services also which are charged by the girl as extra. These extra services are always optional, i.e. you can pay for them to the girl directly if you want those services. Otherwise you can pay just the normal amount and enjoy classic sex with all the classic services except what are quoted in extra services.

Girl Friend Experience (GFE)

This is an experience which only a girlfriend can give you. But as you don’t have a girlfriend or looking for love outside you get this experience by paying to an independent escort girl in Delhi provided by us. It just means that our escort girl will do everything to make you feel like you are her boyfriend.

Porn Star Experience

This is a very comprehensive term and means that the escort girl will do everything what you see in porn movies to make you feel like you are actually having sex with a porn star. This service is the most costly service in all because it includes all other exclusive facilities like anal sex, cum in mouth, etc.

Deep French Kissing (DFK)

This kind of kissing you must have seen in all porn movies, as a good sex is incomplete with a good deep French kiss. A DFK (Deep French Kiss) is basically a kiss which includes stimulation with tongue and lips of your partner to give him sexual arousal. The escort here will put her tongue in your mouth and try to stimulate your mouth from inside.

Oral without Condom (OWC) / Bareback Blowjob

Blowjob with condom is also known as bareback blowjob or oral without condom. This is a discretionary service which only a few escort girls give because here they suck the penis without any protection or cover which can be provided by condoms.

Cum in Mouth (CIM)

This is when a girl take your cum or ejaculation in her mouth. Guys always enjoy this heavenly experience. This is a very exclusive service because very few girls do this for you. And this is expensive and always charged extra because it also includes oral without condom.

Anal Sex (A level)

This simply means intercourse with or penetration in girl’s anus with your penis or fingers. This is the most expensive extra service of all. Also, you need to confirm at least an hour before you actually want to come for Anal sex, so that the girl gets ample time for preparation.

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